Bill Kyser

Bill Kyser
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Bill’s experiences span over 35 years and three specialties: physical fitness training, paramedical emergency medicine, and specialized rescue tactics. Assignments as a firefighter paramedic, dive rescue technician, and as an elite military rescue team member provided Bill with an appreciation and need for fitness training programs. As a leading personal trainer in Ft. Lauderdale, Bill applies his lifetime of experience to help clients achieve their full fitness potential and to develop a lifestyle focused on sustainable health.

Ever since 1970, when he began his military service as a 19 year old combat soldier  leading patrols & treating the injuries of others through the jungles in VietNam, Bill has taken the lead and stood for the health, fitness, & safety of others. Following his military service, careers as an ocean lifeguard, deep-sea diver, firefighter, paramedic, and trainer of tactical rescue teams further honed his ability to blend his client’s goals with the science of the human body into safe, efficient, and very effective training regimens. While his careers through the 70’s and 80’s reflected his passion for  rescue, Bill realized he would have a greater positive impact on others if he could reach people before they had their illnesses, strokes, and heart attacks, so, in 1982, Bill gained training, certifications, experience, and clients, who have, for over 32 years, been his best advocates for his training methods. Busy executives, like Wayne Huizenga & Mike Maroone,  endorse his work ethic and ability to maximize their time & efforts in helping them meet their goals. Women of all ages with demanding careers & lifestyles appreciate his skill at creating body-shaping programs that make them leaner, tighter, and shapelier. Seniors and  boomers give Bill high praise for his personal attention to their health histories & personal preferences to guide them safely toward greater mobility, more recreational options, and a restored vitality for life.