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Over the last 30 years, Bill Kyser has trained a diverse group of clientele ranging from people just like yourself to include pro athletes, homemakers, and corporate professionals, even to America’s most elite warfighters, pararescuemen, and law enforcement officers.  His extensive experience in developing total body wellness programs for people of all ages and from all walks of life make him the ideal trainer for any person who is motivated to take charge of their health & improve their selves.

Choosing a personal trainer is a lifestyle decision based on trust and integrity.  Get to know the people who have trained with and trusted Bill, and learn more about their experiences.


  • I Recommend Bill Kyser Highly…

    Bill Kyser was my personal trainer for an extended period of time; His training methods are efficient, effective, and safe.


    Wayne Huizenga, Sr.

  • Bill Kyser Receives Fitness Institute International’s 1st “Personal Trainer of the Year” Award…

    Fitness Institute International

    1st "Personal Trainer of the Year" Award
  • Miami Dolphins All Pro Linebacker John Offerdahl Gives His Recommendation…

    BILL, Thanks for your guidance & encouragement, and for being my coach. It was a great adventure!

    John Offerdahl

    Miami Dolphins
  • USAF Pararescue Team Endorses Bill’s Training Methods…

    I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude for your involvement with the 301 st Pararescue Team. Your efforts are most notably recognized in your support of Greg Bisogno.

    Through your efforts. this team has produced another ”Honor Graduate ” Without your contribution of countless time and effort, we are certain that Greg could not achieve this milestone More importantly, you have shaped the mind and body of our newest pararescueman – this will be a life long investment.

    It is always a pleasure dealing with you Your insight on physical fitness and training is enlightening I wish you were a member of the team, you exh1b1t the characteristics of a great achiever and leader.
    If there is anything this team can do for you, please let us know.



    MSgt, USAFR. NCOIC Pararescue
  • “I’ve Been Training With Bill Consistently Since 1993…

    “I’ve also observed Bill as he created a customized Corporate Wellness Training Program at AutoNation; his efforts were well organized, implemented with efficiency, and an integral part of our corporate strategy. Bill Also contributed to our company by creating safety programs, wellness seminars at our conferences, and providing team building events. Our Senior Management team has been highly impressed with Bill and his staff”.


    Mike Maroone

  • CLUB 1 Gym is the BEST Place I’ve Ever Trained!

    Private means only you are training during your session, your music is playing, and each circuit is designed for your needs & interests.

    Private means only you are training during your session, your music is playing, and each circuit is designed for your needs & interests.


    Treadmills that can reverse your stride, with consoles that you can push and pull–making your walking & running a lot more effective! Ellipticals that enable you to sit down, reducing strain on your knees, hips & back! BIG ropes & cargo nets you can climb, swing, & pull on; laser-guided targets you can shoot at, water-filled logs you can paddle with, fan-bladed baseball bats and golf clubs you swing, air-filled domes you fall into & bounce back upright from! Here at Bill Kyser’s CLUB 1, there’s even the famous “MAKOTO Challenge”, consisting of a triangular area with 3 high towers around you, ready to kick, strike, or punch any one of 48 targets lighting up all around you!

    Only MAKOTO links all your senses and your entire body in an incredible physical, mental, & spiritual challenge!

     CLUB 1 still has the best strength equipment you’d find at the finer gyms, only now you have so many more equipment options and challenges to choose from, it’ll make your  EVERY  training session so much more efficient, effective, and a lot more FUN!


    Call Bill at 954-290-2920 right now for your FREE PRIVATE session, but hurry–this is a limited time offer, and available sessions are filling fast!


    John Peters, Client since 2007

  • I’m in the best shape of my life

    I never could have anticipated what an incredible transformation lay in store for me.  I lost over 200 pounds, increased strength beyond anything I ever imagined, and feel healthier than ever before in my life. It’s a surreal feeling – I owe it all to Bill and his dedication to helping me reach my fullest potential.

    Jeff Needle

    Business Owner & Entrepreneur
  • Weight Loss Done Right!

    “With almost 200 pounds of fat to lose, I knew it had to be done right, but I had always failed before, regardless of the diet I tried.  Committing to trying Bill’s methods of using the correct amounts of aerobic and strength  training, and using his proven nutritional program that was exactly right for me, Bill showed me how to safely, finally, & permanently get rid of almost 200 pounds of fat!  Thank you, Bill!”

    Jeff Needle, CEO, Needle Law Group