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Whether you’re a boomer or senior retiree looking for a trainer who knows how to help you safely reclaim your mobility & vitality, a weekend athlete aiming to get better in your favorite sport, a busy executive seeking the efficiency & convenience of a downtown location, or a busy woman with specific health & fitness goals, Bill Kyser and CLUB 1 can help you get the results you want.

  • Custom nutrition & exercise program based on your metabolism.
  • Personal attention from 1 on 1 training to small group boot camps, seminars and workshops.
  • General training and specific plans to meet the goals of all age groups and fitness levels.
  • Exclusive Mind Fitness Training Program for rapid gains in balance, mobility and mental processing.

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If you have questions about our plans or training with us, call (954)290-2920 and we'll be happy to help.




  • Private and efficient: the gym to yourself, 1 on 1 training and you choose the music!
  • Personal Nutrition Programs Based on Your Metabolism and Real Time Heart Monitoring for Safe Effective Training!
  • Here You’ll Have It All: strength, endurance, flexibility, even reaction speed training!

Convenient & Exclusive

Home or


From $130/session

  • Private Training on your schedule, in your home, boat, or office!
  • We can bring our equipment, making your training efficient, effective, & affordable!
  • We specialize in helping seniors, the injured and busy people!

Your Best Value

Partnered Training


  • Train Privately with Your Friend, Spouse, or Partner!
  • Fast Results, Nutrition Program, and Heart Rate Monitoring!
  • Train How You Like With Who You Like!
  • You Both Save 20% !

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Small Group Circuit Classes


  • Personal Training Benefits in a Small Group!
  • 45 minutes of Interval Training at YOUR Perfect Intensity!
  • Circuit Training Done Right! Better Than Orange Theory…Safer Than CrossFit…More Fun Than Musical Chairs!
  • Your Best Value, Total Fitness In Only 45 Minutes, & Lots of FUN!!
  • Call (954)290-2920 to find out about class times.

If you have questions about our plans or training with us, call (954)290-2920 and we'll be happy to help.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Club 1?

For many reasons–you won’t find a more convenient, private, clean, safe, & unique  personal training studio than Club 1.  Here, your nutrition & exercise program is based on your metabolism, your goals, your needs, so you know it will work because we create it just for you.
You’re guided through each session by one of America’s top trainers,  step by step, session through session, goal to goal, at a tempo perfect for you. You simply won’t find that in any training studio, crossfit warehouse, or big box gym. What’s this mean for you? Less time training, quicker results, and you reaching your goals faster and safer, once and for ever. You’ll be glad you did–every session.

Come to what those who can train anywhere with anyone come to–Bill Kyser’s Club 1.

I’m on a budget–how can I afford personal training?

It’s true–personal training can be expensive, and Bill is one of the highest paid trainers (because he’s one of America’s best), but before you think you can’t afford it, check out your options. You and a friend or spouse can train together and each take 30% off your session–that’s a $60.00 savings every session! And you both still get the personal attention you deserve! Most important, you both get the results you want! We have small group boot camps and even seminars, workshops, and orientation classes for those of you who want to look before you leap!

Why should I train with Bill Kyser?

Simply put, and by those who have been his clients, like Wayne Huizenga, Mrs. Florida/America Sharon Polo, All Pro Dolphins Linebacker John Offerdahl, AutoNation executives like Mike Maroone, (some for over 20 years!)–there is no one better than Bill Kyser at helping you reach the top of your personal best.

If you have always wanted to get rid of those extra pounds, Bill can help; if you have preexisting medical conditions that may limit you, Bill will work with your Doctor or Therapist and develop a program that is safe and effective.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life–it only matters which way you’re heading, and Bill can point you, as he has for thousands of others, in the right direction.

Have questions? Call Bill today and discover how you can regain your health, your fitness, and your quality of life–right now. It’s one of the best decisions for yourself you’ll ever make, & your time is NOW, so Do It Now, before you forget.

I’m So Busy–How Will I be able to Stick With It?

Like everyone else in today’s world, there’s never enough time, and time is the most valuable commodity in our lives. But  consider what you already spend your time & money on right now, and ask yourself –are what I choose to spend  and take time on making as much a positive impact on my looks & health as a personal training program created just for me, and how great will I feel and look if I take just 45 minutes twice a week to do this for myself, and aren’t I worth worth that, and much more?

If being trimmer, tighter, & leaner your goal, then today take that first step  toward the body you deserve right now. You’ll be glad you did-forever.

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