The quickest & safest method to reaching the body you want is  moving through a 40 minute circuit of  cardio, strength, & mobility stations, all while remaining in your safe intensity zone between 60% to 90% of your max effort.  This proven regimen quickly makes you leaner, stronger, faster & shapelier.  Best of all, it’s appropriate for any level, age, and ability, because you and your trainer can monitor the intensity of your efforts while you move from station, so you always know how hard & how long to push, & when to rest and 1 imagekickboxingThis insures you an efficient, effective, and very safe session, every second, every class!




At Club 1, every session is different–we make it FUN !

link your body better using bands & your body weight

can create infinite unique training stations to insure no session is boring or ineffective; we want you to achieve quick, visible results to your appearance & experience dramatic changes to your fitness and health.

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