Strength Training for Men

Difficulty Level 70%
Fat Loss Effectiveness 90%
Strength Building 95%

Building strength, muscle mass, and muscle definition is a core component of the Club 1 Fitness Program.  We utilize weight training, resistance training, and plyometrics in order to help our clients achieve the strength and body definition they desire. The one thing you won’t find in our training program is a pressured approach – we help you progress at a pace that’s right for you. If it hurts, we don’t do it.

The Club 1 Fitness Studio is outfitted with equipment that is designed to provide the best possible training experience.  Each piece of equipment is carefully selected by Bill Kyser to deliver a specific experience. If it’s state of the art, it’s probably here.  If it’s tried and true, it’s probably here too.  The Studio is designed to provide clients with the equipment needed to build strength and optimize physical performance.  Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve their performance or a baby boomer aiming to get in shape or restore vitality – Club 1 has a program for you.

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