Strength Training & Body Shaping

Strength Training & Body Shaping is at the core of the Club 1 Fitness Program. It is one of the most effective exercise techniques in modern physical training and can be modified endlessly to achieve your specific goals. Strength training & body shaping provides incredible feelings and dramatic results to your training experience, and positively impacts and enhances your mobility, stamina, and biomechanics.

At Club 1, we utilize a series of resistance elements to enhance your training experience – whether it’s pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging, punching, or even kicking. Other dynamic movements using weights, water, air, dynamic energy in elastic bands, and even your own body weight–all designed to engage multiple muscle groups in infinite directions.

Your  strength training & body shaping program at Club 1 is designed around the functional capacity of your own body, so your results in achieving the body you want come quickly, safely, & permanently.

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