Corporate Wellness Programs by Club 1 Studio

Successful corporate wellness programs make the cumulative health of employees an integral part of the work environment. Most administrators understand the concept that health, happiness, and productivity are related, but very few are able to shoulder the responsibility of defining a program that is sustainable. Promoting wellness in the workplace is not just a matter of providing access to health resources like fitness centers and nutritional specialists – it requires management, support, and motivation to keep employees involved in the program.

At Club 1, we specialize in providing the resources, support, and management needed to foster and maintain corporate wellness programs. From creating the foundation of the program to working directly with employees to ensure health needs are met, Club 1 has the experience and capability to support ongoing corporate wellness initiatives.

What are the benefits of instituting a corporate wellness program? Weight loss, obesity prevention, reduction in blood pressure, proper sleep hygiene, and cholesterol management to name a few. What are the business benefits? Lower absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, increases in productivity, and even increases in employee career satisfaction. While it’s difficult to define the precise financial benefits of maintaining a corporate wellness program, a 2012 review of 62 studies published in the American Journal of Health Promotion found 25% lower sick leave and disability insurance costs among companies that had wellness programs.

While integrating wellness programs into a company’s structure may not be easy at first, it’s important for company leadership to see health initiatives for employees as an essential entity. Successful corporate wellness programs should be more than just an “added benefit” – they should be an integral component of workplace culture. We can work directly with management to define budget conscious wellness programs that are designed to optimize employee health. No matter how big or small the company may be, we can define and manage a wellness program that will support ongoing employee/employer health goals.

The success of a corporate wellness program is driven by the unique strategy behind it. Defining a program involves the creation of an initiative that outlines immediate and long term goals for the employee and the company. Corporate wellness needs support, leadership, and commitment from all parties in order to build a program that will go the distance. Ultimately, it takes time to establish an effective corporate wellness program, one that evolves and ultimately embeds itself in the company’s culture. Corporate wellness, most importantly, is not just a single program based solution – it is the culmination of several strategies designed to maximize employee health and promote the overall well being of a company’s workforce. If the end goal is healthier employees, a corporate wellness program must balance physical activity with education, communication, incentives and a long term commitment.

Contacting Bill Kyser is the first step in establishing a corporate wellness program for your company. With over three decades of experience as an elite personal trainer, Bill is eclectically versed in the strategies and tenants of enduring corporate wellness programs. From defining the foundation of a program to optimizing an existing employee health initiative, Bill has the skill set, experience, and resources to build a corporate wellness program that will empower your company with knowledge, fitness, and practical lifetime health.

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